Here are some documents that provide information on how to get started! Clicking on the title will allow you to pull up the document. 

WRI Bulk Purchasing Guide - Solar

Discusses the barriers for implementing solar power and why group purchasing of solar PV systems will alleviate these. It then outlines best practices for the processes of organizing and executing a collaborative solar purchase. The WRI Bulk Purchasing Guide also provides a step-by-step guide to completing a successful group renewable energy purchase as well as providing case studies of successful group purchases.

Community Solar Power: Obstacles and Opportunites - Solar

Analyzes and grades a large number of solar PV projects that have been implemented across the United States and provides important learnings from each.

Creating and Implementing Your Community Solar Plan - Solar

A guidebook, meant to serve as a planning aid to individuals, organizations, and communities who wish to implement a community solar project to help solve our energy problems. It is a really great document and provides tips and resources that can help in getting any community solar project off the ground!

Get Your Power From the Sun - Solar

Great document for those just starting to learn about solar.  This doc starts from the beginning, outlining what solar PV is then moves into the costs, financing options and reasons for installing a PV system. It also briefly outlines the installation and permitting process. 

Community Wind 101: A Primer for Policymakers - Wind

This paper provides a ton of background on community wind and also gives examples of numerous projects and what can be learned from them. It discusses the economic benefits of community wind power as well as the policies and incentives affecting community wind today. Although it was meant as a summary to help guide policymakers, it can be useful to anyone looking to learn about community wind! 

Spark Northwest: A Guide to Community Solar - Solar

Defines community solar and outlines 3 project models under the community solar blanket. It also outlines the benefits of utilizing each model and what financial incentives are applicable to each model. It then explains group billing, virtual net metering, joint ownership, and other emerging state policies important to community solar. Lastly, it discusses state and federal tax policies and incentives that play a role in community solar.

An Introduction to Land Owner Wind Energy Associations (LWEA) - Wind

The document produced by Windustry provides an overview of the LWEA model for wind development. Through an LWEA people come together to participate in a community wind development. The LWEA helps to set up the project but participants are actively involved and receive the benefits of the wind power.

Energy Efficiency Financing: Models and Strategies - Wind and Solar

This report is very useful for those looking at different ways to finance a renewable energy project. Although the document mainly focuses on the financing of energy efficiency programs, many are applicable to renewable energy developments as well. It includes an analysis of the various financing options and strategies and may help in selecting the one that would be most useful for you!

A Review of Solar PV Benefit and Cost Studies - Solar

This discussion document reviews 15 DPV benefit/cost studies by utilities, national labs, and other organizations to determine what is known and unknown about the categorization, methodological best practices, and gaps around the benefits and costs of DPV.  It also begins to establish a clear foundation from which additional work on benefit/cost assessments and pricing structure design can be built.