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One of the goals of the Community Power Network is to help everyday people take part in renewable energy projects.

We believe everyone has a stake in the energy future of our world, and therefore everyone has a right to be involved in developing power they believe in. The idea of renewable energy is a relatively new concept; the idea of local communities producing their own renewable energy is an even newer subset of this idea.

This means communities still face many limitations when trying to create renewable energy projects.

This Learn More section highlights some of the ways that everyday people are making community-based renewable energy projects happen. The section is geared towards giving you a general introduction to a specific model or approach for developing a renewable energy projects, are facing when trying to get projects off the ground.

If you have resources or examples that should be included in the Learn More section, let us know. In search of additional tools or want some help figuring out an approach/model that works for you? Let us know.  

Since everyone is working towards the common goal -- greater use of renewable energy -- collaborating with member groups in our Connect Section can also be one of the best mechanisms for finding solutions.