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For nearly two centuries, Appalachia has powered America with energy—from coal, to oil and gas.  We are the backbone of the American economy.  But the world is changing around us.  We need safe, reliable energy that builds wealth here at home.  Renewable energy is an amazing opportunity for Appalachia to rebuild our towns and diversify our economy—but it will only come here if we work together to repower our communities.

Solar Holler is leading the transition across West Virginia and Virginia—helping towns and communities develop renewable energy projects and programs that will sustain our economies and our planet for the long haul, while making sure we continue to power America.

We fight for the little guys—the homeowners and small business owners that can’t afford the constant rate increases.  We work with towns with long, proud histories that need new industries and new jobs.  We’re looking to a future that’s locally grown—with good livings to be made in the hollers and local power coming from your roof.

Solar Holler is a project of Community Power Network.