CPN Solar Co-ops & Solar Bulk Purchases

Join a Solar Co-op in Your Area!

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Community Power Network and our state programs have been organizing neighborhood solar cooperatives and solar bulk purchases through D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The idea behind these neighborhood solar cooperatives is that a group of neighbors go solar together and get a discount— making solar more affordable and accessible. By going solar as a group, each participant saves on the cost of their system and gets support from their peers as they go through the process. 

We're always looking to partner with communities interested in starting a solar cooperative. We can take care of the technical side of things if you can help recruit participants. Co-ops generally need about 20 participants in order to be able to get a bulk discount. Want to start a co-op? Contact us to get started!


Past Co-ops

We help communities organize neighborhood solar co-ops via their state SUN program. Some of our past co-ops include:

DC SUN- Washington, DC

MD SUN- Maryland

VA SUN- Virginia

WV SUN- West Virginia