An Introduction to Community Power

Community power is when a group of people join together and start a project that allows them to generate renewable energy for themselves and those around them.

Finding a way to economically implement, replicate, and scale these projects is a challenge. This section was developed as a guide to make it easier:

  • What is Community Power? 
    • A basic introduction to what makes a community-based renewable energy project.
  • Understanding Renewable Energy Technologies and Markets
    • Resources and information to help you get a basic understanding of various renewable energy technologies. Also provides links to sites that can help you understand your state’s renewable energy markets and incentives.
  • How to Start
    • A step-by-step guide on how to organize those around you and get them involved in getting a renewable energy project off the ground.
  • Replicable Models
    • Examples of the organizational models people have successfully used to launch projects.
  • Resources
    • Documents and reports useful to those looking to get a project off the ground.
  • Tools for CPN Partners
    • A set of tools and resources for CPN partners to use! All of these tools are available for free to CPN partners (it’s also free to join CPN).

There are many different kinds of community power groups on this site - wind, solar, biodiesel, biothermal, geothermal- but we all have some underlying beliefs:

  1. Implementing real renewable energy projects in our communities will help reduce pollution and help create green jobs. 
  2. There should be a new model for energy production in this country whereby significant amounts of energy come from within the community. 
  3. Renewable energy generation can be designed to benefit rather than drain the community.
  4. Everyone has a stake in the energy future of our world and has a right to using energy they believe in.